Registering for Your Courses

If you will be entering grade 9, there is no course selection process for you.  All grade 9 students take the same core courses.

STEP 1 - Take a look at our Course Handbook to see which courses you are interested in taking. Note:  If you are planning to graduate from high school in Nova Scotia, please refer to page 8.  Please click here for the Course Handbook.

STEP 2 - After you have looked at the Course Handbook, please select the Course Selection Sheet for the grade level you will be entering next year at Liverpool Regional High School. 

                                    Grade 10                                      Grade 11                                              Grade 12                               I have already Graduated


STEP 3 - Email the completed Course Selection Sheet to Ms. Leonard, Guidance Counsellor at Liverpool Regional High School.  She will be able to generate a schedule for your classes which will make your transition to Liverpool Regional High School much easier upon your arrival.  Her email address is

When you arrive, our guidance counsellor, Ms. Leonard, will be available to answer questions you may have concerning the courses you will take here at Liverpool Regional High School.