Teacher Assistant Substitutes

South Shore Regional School Board is currently hiring substitute Teacher Assistants and providing them with three days of paid training upon successful completion of the modules.
Training will be held March 25-27.   For more information, please go to the non-teaching Job Opportunities link on the South Shore Regional School Board site www.ssrsb.ca


Community Health Worker in Your School

Role of the Community Health Worker in Your School


There is a community health worker available to students in our schools. As a South Shore Health employee, his/her role is to provide support to our grades 7-12 students in the areas of substance use, mental health, and sexual health. Students may access this support directly, on their own or in consultation with guidance, school administration, or other school staff. Another role of the community health worker is to connect students with other specialized health services, when required, such as clinical therapists and nurse practitioners. As health services, this involvement is confidential, provided the student is considered competent to consent (in Nova Scotia, there is no age of consent for health services).


If your son or daughter would like to access these services, please have him/her contact the school or phone South Shore Health at (902) 543-5400 to find out the days these services are available.


Liverpool Family of Schools

Join the South Shore Regional School Board in a community discussion about education on the South Shore.  There will be presentation and group discussion to foster ideas and gather feedback about our schools and the programming.

The Liverpool family of schools includes LRHS, SQMS, Dr. JCWA and Mill Village Consolidated School.  The meeting will take place at Liverpool Regional High School on Tuesday, May 6 from 7 - 8 pm..  All are welcome!


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