Community Health Worker in Your School

Role of the Community Health Worker in Your School


There is a community health worker available to students in our schools. As a South Shore Health employee, his/her role is to provide support to our grades 7-12 students in the areas of substance use, mental health, and sexual health. Students may access this support directly, on their own or in consultation with guidance, school administration, or other school staff. Another role of the community health worker is to connect students with other specialized health services, when required, such as clinical therapists and nurse practitioners. As health services, this involvement is confidential, provided the student is considered competent to consent (in Nova Scotia, there is no age of consent for health services).


If your son or daughter would like to access these services, please have him/her contact the school or phone South Shore Health at (902) 543-5400 to find out the days these services are available.


Liverpool Family of Schools

Join the South Shore Regional School Board in a community discussion about education on the South Shore.  There will be presentation and group discussion to foster ideas and gather feedback about our schools and the programming.

The Liverpool family of schools includes LRHS, SQMS, Dr. JCWA and Mill Village Consolidated School.  The meeting will take place at Liverpool Regional High School on Tuesday, May 6 from 7 - 8 pm..  All are welcome!

Letter from new Superintendent of Schools January 21, 2014

To the families, students, staff and community members of the South Shore;

We would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation over the past number of weeks while we have experienced difficult weather conditions. We’ve gone from having 30+ centimeters of snow to roads so soft and wet that buses were too heavy to travel them.

The drastic changes in weather and road conditions have made for a challenging, and at times confusing, winter so far. We appreciate your understanding and support while we strive to always place student and staff safety first. The call is not always easy to make when cancelling schools or deciding to have buses travel on paved roads only. We have a strong partnership with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and together, with our excellent staff, we have been attempting to make sound decisions that cause the least disruption while keeping everyone safe.

Our media partners have been very helpful in assisting us in getting the message out to our families when school is canceled or buses are using their back road closure plans. We encourage you to listen to the radio, check our website, follow us on Twitter (@SouthShoreRSB) or sign up for our notification service.

If you have not seen our Storm Day Video to learn more about the decision making process, please check it out at .

Kind regards,


Geoff Cainen
Superintendent of Schools


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